"You have to get hair and make-up done by Renee Rockefeller !!! What an amazing transformation, and with my hair in the condition it was in, I MEAN AMAZING! Renee helped ease my fear of those "beauty salon horrors" that I have been through in my life! Before her, I hadn't stepped into a salon for quite a few years because I had simply given up. When I did go, it was just for a wash&set and nothing else!  Everywhere I went I was never able to get what I wanted because of my thick curly hair. I never received a good hair cut, most stylists were scared to cut my hair before it was blown out straight, resulting in a doo that was misshaped when it was time to wear my curls again. Not Renee! She knows how to cut curly hair. She showed a high attentiveness to how the curls fell and "reacted" while cutting, showing confidence in what she was doing for me AND giving me peace of mind! Every concern I had about my past salon experiences, she answered by recommending to me what she thought would help, what would look good and walked me through all of the processes and products being used. I even gave her free reign as far as what color to use for my hair and she remained true to her styling passion for hair resulting in a fit that bought out the best in my skin tone and overall look!!! Most stylists, I have consulted with in the past, would recommend something that would've left me feeling like I was wearing a wig. As you will see in the picture I provided, I looked ten years younger for my wedding!! I am still receiving compliments! I knew upon looking at her and her work, that there was something different. Someone I can trust. Once I was in her chair, those feelings were CONFIRMED one-by-one! Thank you Renee as well as the friendly, down-to-earth staff at High Society Salon!" (taken from yelp)
"I've been getting my hair dyed for years. I decided to switch to High Society Salon and I realized  I was not getting my moneys-worth from those other salons. Shannon is THE BEST colorist I've ever had. She doesn't miss a single strand! And she goes beyond coloring to repair my hair from any damage I've done. She used a product on my hair that I just fell in love with and I have been using it everyday since. I highly recommend this salon to anyone and everyone I meet." (taken from yelp)

"Had a great experience of having my coarse hair treated with the F 450 yesterday.  The results were amazing!  Anise did a gorgeous job my hair has never looked this shiny and smooth from any other treatment.  My hair looks so healthy.  The F 450 treatment  has  totally controlled my waves and frizzy hair.  Best of all its 100% formaldehyde-free and keratin free.   Its based on the synergy of amino acids bio compatible with the hair fiber.  The product is 100% sodium chloride-free, sulfate-free. paraben-free & Vegan. One treatment has provided my hair with exceptional manageability, shine and control. This is a great salon with friendly talented hairdressers.  I highly recommend Anise for this procedure.  She is was excellent and my hair looks gorgeous!!!" (taken from yelp)
"I love this salon. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. I've been coming here for more than five years and my wonderful stylist is Christina, who is always cheerful and professional. She isn't afraid to make recommendations and always listens to my wishes. It's a great place to get a reasonable, stylish haircut without having to wait 3 weeks for an appointment." (taken from yelp)
"Anna is AMAZING!  My hair was an absolute MESS (I am not exaggerating) and she fixed the color like no one else has been able to do.  She was friendly, personable and smiled the whole time which was great because I was truly embarrassed about the condition of my hair.  Not only that but the highlights she added came out beautiful, I can't even count how many compliments I got at work.  No joke - if your hair needs help SEE ANNA, she is my go-to girl from now on!!  She told me about this keratin treatment to get rid of the frizz and I will definitely be going back for that - thank you SO MUCH Anna!" (taken from yelp)


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